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Communist party officials are forbidden from having affairs.Meanwhile, the Party also announced that its 18th National Congress, the moment when a new president and premier will be unveiled, will take place on November 8, ten years to the day when the last leadership transition got under way.Calling the portrayals “immoral, vulgar and unhealthy”, homosexuality was banned alongside smoking, drinking alcohol, suggestive clothing and the idea of reincarnation.

During repeated visits, Mahdavi found that despite the strict moral policies of the Islamic Republic, young Iranians were listening to music, dancing, drinking alcohol, and socializing in new ways. She attended parties where famous DJs played techno music, Absolut vodka and Tanqueray gin were served, and female guests mingled with “western guys.” Although house parties were common among the middle and upper-middle classes, lower-class youth threw parties in abandoned warehouses or at secluded outdoor locations, serving homemade liquor and playing music on “boom boxes” or car stereos. Like youth in other countries who lack private spaces to retreat to, some Iranian youth reported having sex at parties and in cars (which sometimes allowed them to escape the morality police) out of necessity. Shomal, in northern Iran, had a reputation as a popular destination for these sexual explorations.Just before China relaxed into a week-long national holiday, a comprehensive statement on Xinhua, the official news service, ended seven months of speculation about Mr Bo's fate, ripping his once spectacular political career to shreds in just a few paragraphs.Investigators, it said, had found evidence that the 63-year-old Politburo member and former Commerce minister had taken "huge bribes" throughout his career, had "significant responsibility" for the murder of Neil Heywood, and had "maintained improper sexual relations with many women".The promulgation of the Regulations is a further step by the Chinese government to tighten the administration and control over foreign enterprises’ resident representative offices (“ROs”) since the issuance of the Circular on Further Strengthening Administration of Foreign Enterprises' Resident Representative Offices (the “Circular”) by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce (SAIC) in January 2010.The Circular imposed some new requirements with respect to the registration and operation of ROs, including, among others, two year continued existence of the head office before application for setting up a RO and number of registered representatives of a RO not exceeding four.

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