Autocad fields not updating

For me this is good enough as I do not want my drawings to update automatically as it does not benefit me at all.

But for some of you who wants to customise your date to automatically update in your drawings, I came up with a diesel expression that will update the dates automatically whenever you open or regenerate.

For example, a title block can use the Current Sheet Number field as an attribute.

When you insert the title block, the field displays the sheet number of the sheet on which the title block is inserted.

By default fields are updated automatically when the drawing is opened, saved, plotted, regenerated, or sent via e-transmit.

For example, because each layout can have a different page setup attached, the value displayed by the Plot Orientation field can be different in different layouts in the same drawing.

Most fields are not contextual and are updated in blocks and xrefs.

Fields in xrefs are updated based on the host file, not the source xref.

I have edited one of our title blocks and replaced some of the information (Project number, fiscal year, sheet, and total sheets) that were attributes to a line of mtext with a field in each location.

Making the drawing I was able to get the fields to update, but now that I have inserted the drawing into another as a Titleblock, the fields are staying the same as when I defined them.

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