Huddersfield nude

It’s not my first trip to Magic Rock Tap as I visited last year for the Rainbow Project launch but it was my first experience visiting on a ‘normal’ day as opposed to a special event.After pottering around the shops – in particular, the record shop across the road from Huddersfield station – and grabbing some veggie sausage rolls from Poundbakery (seriously, why isn’t there one in Manchester city centre? We’ve visited a few times but this was easily the quietest we’ve ever seen it, although it was Friday afternoon! The pub is quirky with taxidermy, nude artworks and olde worlde artefacts scattered throughout but it’s the beer that’s the star.A large board highlights the sheer choice of cask and keg options, and there are also bottle menus on the tables which are hard to miss as they’re in heavy wooden binding and chained up.If you’re a bit overwhelmed, the staff are approachable and friendly if you need advice and it’s simply a great spot for a few drinks.This is likely to result in a call to the either the hospital or the police, depending on how generous the onlookers feel; depending on the area, people may be more vocal in their complaints!Remember that public nudity outside of designated spaces is classed as indecent exposure in the UK and you can and will be arrested if you try it.Bug spray is another near necessity for au naturele pruning and growing.Some sites, not affiliated with the official WNGD group, suggest doing your naked gardening in your local park or in the street.

"If you look at my stomach (lifts shirt up) and the shirt on the photo, it's two different things.

Living in Manchester means that I’m not only spoiled in terms of places to drink good beer in the city itself, but also the excellent transport links providing easy access to many other cities and towns.

With a free day, we decided to hop on the train and take a trip to Huddersfield for a visit to the Magic Rock Tap.

After a couple of halves at The Grove, we wandered over to Magic Rock Tap which is on the other side of the town and has the benefit of being slightly closer to the train station.

When we visited for the Rainbow Project event, the front of the brewery featured benches and pop-up bars in tents but this time it was full of vans ready to deliver beer around as well as forklift trucks driving around.

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