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TIP: Click here to see pics and videos of single women and men in your city looking for dates.They are rather traditional Even though modern Turkey has adopted many of the western principles in sectors like health, education, economy and military, still Turkish society is rather traditional at heart.:) At Turkish uk we are committed to providing you a safe and friendly environment where you can comfortably meet that special someone.:) This is the best Turkish dating website for meeting Turkish singles in the UK.Others however can not accept the holiday romance for what it was.They join Turkish Love Rats and make it the focus of their Facebook page.Every year, thousands of foreign women enter Turkey and strike up a holiday romance.

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I wondered if they would be anything like American men, the only type I knew, or if the culture would alter their personality completely.

Men expect women to follow gender roles as laid down by tradition which essentially means taking care of the home and family.

This is in no way a compulsion since both Turkish as well as Turkish-American women are encouraged to study and work but somewhere, somehow they are expected to conform to ‘womanly’ pursuits, preferably as a teacher, nurse, doctor, in an office job and so on.

Turkey is a land that stands at the meeting point of the Orient and Occident.

Hence Turkish culture has many of the positive aspects of both the East and West.

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