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It does not duplicate the detailed instructions for setting up and editing a new account on the service, which can be found in the ‘Weatherlink – Getting Started’ booklet included with each new logger.

General points The any local configuration at all – in many cases it should only be necessary to connect the logger to an Internet-enabled network connection and to register and update the logger’s account at

Weather Underground provides a nice balance of weather news and weather forecasts.

Unlike, Weather Underground puts local weather front and center, with a weather map and local forecast dominating their front page.

Acu Rite’s professional 5-in-1 weather sensors accurately measure five different conditions including the outdoor temperature and humidity, the wind speed, wind direction, and the amount of rainfall.Featuring Rapid Fire updates on Weather Underground.Easily stream your weather data online – with just a few clicks you can report your weather on personal weather station (PWS) networks.Looking to get the latest forecast or keep an eye out for severe weather?A weather app will do the job for you, but if you're in front of your computer, visiting a weather site will give you the most complete information in the easiest to read format.

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