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Copenhagen is very child friendly, and is a good choice for families.The Danes have a reputation for being friendly, tolerant and allegedly the happiest nationality on earth - making their capital a great choice for a hip, laid-back and relatively undiscovered weekend break destination.The Royal Cathedral The Cathedral had for a long time been associated with the Royal family - where the Royal House used the Cathedral for their ceremonial events such as crowning and weddings.The first royal ceremony in the second Cathedral from 1316 was when King Valdemar IV - nickname Atterdag - (Tomorrow - there is also a day) - (1320-1375 - ruled Denmark 1340-1375) let his ten-year old daughter Margrethe - later Queen Margrethe I - marry to King Haakon of Norway in 1363 - and then when King Christian I and Queen Dorothea were crowned and married in 1449 - the Cathedral obtained the status of being the prime church for the Royals.In fall 2016, were carried out extensive simulations in Gothenburg Sweden in order to ascertain whether it's possible port Malmo to handle larger-sized vessels.The largest Copenhagen cruise port terminal is the new Freeport Cruise Terminal.

Denmark and Norway remained under the same monarch until outside forces dissolved the union in 1814.

In the 1960s, cars were threatening to displace bicycles in the main Danish cities.

But the oil crisis, the environmental movement and a couple of controversial road projects reversed the trend. Some visit attractions such as Tivoli, the Little Mermaid and Legoland.

Cruises leaving out of Copenhagen comprise 45% of the ship calls.

Copenhagen is also a signature port of call on Christmas cruises leaving from UK ports.

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    Although the members of these groups share many cultural practices, beliefs, and values, ethnic differences have become especially marked since the nation's independence in 1948.

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