Overcoming social anxiety dating

I made a sincere effort to put myself out there and ended up meeting the love of my life in the process.Our initial meeting wouldn’t be the biggest hurdle that I’d face, but I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and it ended up seriously helping my social anxiety. Bars have never been my scene, so I signed up for an art class to get myself out of the house.He had other interests outside of art and his own set of friends and family that I’d eventually meet.

In fact it’s not really going to be a guide because there’s no real blueprint for point A (being social anxious and not wanting to talk or make eye contact with people) to point B (on a date) from the shyness and social anxiety perspective.

He “freaks out mentally” when he has to interact with people he doesn’t know well.

Making eye contact is a big deal, so he “avoids it like the plague.”Many introverts like Tina, Rae, and Ozzy suffer from some form of social anxiety.

Nothing has suffered more at the hands of my anxiety than my social life.

But after years of isolating myself, I finally decided that I wasn’t going to let my anxiety control me anymore.

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