Army regulation dating in germany

It would record the part it was playing in a battle and would usually list the number of men who went into action and the number of casualties when the unit came out of the action.

The information in a War Diary would be used by senior commanders for intelligence about the enemy opposite their units and as a historical record for future planning.

Patton's Third Army arrived and beat back the Nazi offensive.

The German surprise attack came after Allied forces liberated France and were beginning to look forward to surging into Nazi Germany.

The final step in the development of distinctive insignia was to approve them to be worn on the service uniform of all soldiers as an insignia.

The instigator of regiment coats of arms appears to be Colonel (later Brigadier General) Robert Edward Evan Wyllie (1873-1961), Chief of the Equipment Branch of the General Staff and a person with an interest in heraldry. Subject to the approval of the War Department and as a means of promoting esprit de corps, each regiment or similar organization is authorized to adopt and wear, as a part of the uniform, distinctive insignia or trimmings.

There are certain regulations pertaining to dating in the military.

British Army War Diaries were handwritten or typed documents providing a daily account of the activities of a British, Dominion, Indian and Colonial Army unit on active service.

This was a British Army Field Service Regulation dating from 1907.

You need to be aware of these regulations before you find yourself in a situation.

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