English history georgian era dating

The hunt for a husband in Regency England was a serious business and upper class families invested large sums of money to give their daughters a 'season' in London.

An unattached woman had no occupation other than to find a husband but on no account must she signal that this was her goal.

The Louis fireplace we are familiar with today should more correctly be referred to as Louis Revival fireplaces as they are the product of the efforts of 19 Century architects and designers to re-introduce styles which mimicked rather than faithfully reproduced the original designs of Louis XIV. The Louis Revival fireplaces popularised in the 19 Century and Victorian period were in general made in England and France and are a lot less elaborate in design than their original predecessors.

Under the watchful supervision of their elders, the young and unattached could stand up with each other, demonstrate their gracefulness, their ability to converse intelligently and their compatibility.The front is flat and box like with a wide rectangular opening for the fire dogs, grate or basket.The designs of the Louis Revival fireplaces were more elegant than their counterpart British marble fireplaces often being made by Italian craftsmen with additional detailing and finishing completed by French artisans.Fathers House parties and balls were a good opportunity for fathers and eager mothers to parade their young daughters around like horses up for sale at the stockyards.The young women (around seventeen years old) would be dressed in the latest fashion, jewelled in extravagant pieces and educated in the art of snagging a husband.

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